Cahors, our new favorite from France

Cahors… I love this wine for simply two reasons : its price and its quality.

For the ones who have no clue what I am talking about, Cahors is a red wine from grapes grown in or around the town of Cahors, France. It is an Appellation d’origine contrôlée also known as AOC (Controlled designation of origin) which forms part of the South West France wine region. The dominant grape variety in AOC Cahors wines is Malbec, which must make up a minimum of 70% of the wine. It is supplemented by up to 30% Merlot and Tannat.

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Mas Des Étoiles, Petite Étoile, Malbec, Cahors, France  2011

Last week, we were in Asheville (North Carolina) for a family reunion. Besides the fact that Asheville is awesome, we had the opportunity to order a bottle of Cahors at the restaurant Rhubarb for $36. As I said, I like the price as much as I like the taste. If you lucky enough to go to the vineyard, you will find this bottle for $7.

Smell it once, and you will already catch the aromas of undergrowth and red fruits. One sip tells you right away that this wine as a medium tannin. It is perfect for wine lovers who like their wine tasting not too sweet but not too aggressive with the palate.

Have you tried Cahors? From which wineries?

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