A sip with Christophe Roumier (Chambolle-Musigny, Burgundy)



Just like Laurent Ponsot, I met Christophe Roumier for the first time in New York, during Rudy Kurniawan’s trial. Roumier’s bottles of wine have also been the victims of fraud perpetrated by Kurniawan during several years until he was arrested in March 2012. Christophe Roumier, grand son of Georges Roumier, represented Domaine G. Roumier during the trial. I did not have a chance to talk to him at that time, as he was surrounded by a dozen other journalists.

Last September, for the last day of his vendanges (grape harvest), I went to the domain for my local newspaper in the village of Chambolle-Musigny. I stupidly looked for him in the office but found him with the other workers, laughing and saying goodbye to his team. It was the perfect moment to bother him!


See, the wines of Domaine G. Roumier are some of the finest wines in the world. Clos de la Bussière in Morey-Saint-Denis and Les Amoureuses & Bonnes Mares in Chambolle-Musigny are among his plots. What a dream! You can find the complet list of their wines here.

You can understand that I was really happy to have the chance to talk to him about the wine of 2015. “The grapes were really beautiful”, said Christophe Roumier. Every winemaker in Burgundy was really satisfied with the 2015 vendanges. The summer was sunny and dry and started early. Even the rains in August did not stop the grapes from being close to perfection. “I regret is that there are not any more grapes. When you look at these, you want more!”, he told me.

This one of a the major problems in Burgundy right now : the lack of quantity which makes the prices go up. And 2015 will not fix the problem !


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