A sip with Sylvain Pataille ( Marsannay-la-Côte, Burgundy)



With Sylvain Pataille it is impossible not to talk about rosé, his specialty. Not just rosé, but a Burgundy rosé worked like a grand cru. In the mind of a lot of people, when we think of rosé, we think of la Provence and the south of France. But more and more winemakers across France are starting to include rosé in their cellars.

Above all, Sylvain Pataille is an oenoligist from Marsannay-la-Côte. He bought his first acre in his early 20s and tested how to make the best wine possible. His rosé represents less than 5% of his total production. Named “La Fleur de Pinot”, it is produced from a specific plot of 65-year-old vines.  After harvest, he lets the wine mature during 22 months in the barrels. The taste is very particular, with strong tanins, unusual for this type of wine. The color is also a very deep pink, which indicates the maturity of this wine.

Traditionally, Roses are consumed within 12 months of bottleling and are only aged in the barrel for a few months, but when it comes to Rose, Pataille often breaks from tradition. “I recently opened a millésime (vintage) 2005, but I could have wait even longer!”, said Sylvain Pataille ,who is still discovering the impact of his process over the years. Of course, the rosé is not sold for cheap. Around 45 € per bottle. But it is really worth it!

Marsannay-la-Côte has a long tradition of producing Rosé. During the 30’s, it was a cheap way to make money and alcohol. Over the years, the value of the appellation kept growing and rosé was less profitable compared to red and white wines.But Pataille made its mission to make rosé profitable again.






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