Sunday Wineday : drinking Rioja wine with a special pork recipe

For the first time, we went to Calvert Woodley (Washington DC) to pick up our wine. We wanted something typical from Spain, so we have been advised to give a try to Baron De Ley, a Rioja wine made from the very typical variety of wine, Tempranillo.




We looked all weekend to see how we would pair the wine with food. Drew finally decided to go with pork because Nastasia has a hard time with lamb, much to Drew’s despair ! We peeled potatoes and cut some broccoli. Then, for the sauce, we mixed sugar, balsamic vinegar and some grapefruit juice. The perfect homemade recipe !


That is how it looked like before we put it on the oven. Yummy !


So yes, we decided to go for sweetness to pair the Rioja, and it was perfect !


Once it was cooked. Perfect meal to watch Game Of Thrones.


The Rioja wine was excellent and I am not regretting to have spent 21 $. The robe was rubis, a very beautiful color. On the nose, chocolate, black cherry. Drew smelled some cranberries. We were clearly in a red fruit travel. On the palate, the wine had almost no astringency which we really appreciate. It was medium on the acidity, perfect to go with our sweet pork sauce.

And you, what is your favorite region of Spain ?



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