Sunday Wineday : a traditional meal from Burgundy


For Sunday’s evening, we decided to open our bottle of Santenay Beauregard Premier Cru 2012 (Pinot noir, Burgundy) from Marinot-Verdun, a wine merchant owner of Cave de Mazenay in Burgundy.



To accompany this wine, Drew cooked the famous Burgundy dish Oeuf en meurette following the recipe of Bernard Loiseau. A classic from Burgundy, this dish is  a perfect pair with any wines from the area. It is also relatively simple to make as long as you can poach the egg successfully.




Overall, this pairing was really interesting. Santenay is usually a very souple and intense wine at first, but very subtle for its finish. On the nose, you can detect notes of black cherries as well as undergrowth. On the palate, tannin is very souple and medium + astringent. We decided to aerate the wine in a carafe because of its youngness. During the evening, the wine continued to open up but we could still taste its acidity. We really liked our pairing.  Wines from Santenay are not the best of the Côtes-de-Beaune area, but the price and the quality make it a very good find.



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