Sunday Wineday : A mix of culture with a delicious lasagna recipe to pair a 2007 Mas Estela Quindals


Once we looked up on the Internet to find what we could pair with our 2007 Mas Estela Quindals, we did not hesitate long to chose a lasagna recipe, hoping it would go well with our wine which was mainly a black garnacha type.

Drew followed several recipes for this meal. He decided to use Italian sausage meat and beef. He also used Mozzarella and grated cheese on the top.




The wine was average. Well, we could clearly feel the 15% of alcohol in it. It smells like too much alcohol and taste the same. On the nose, very earthy with a note of agrumes. On the palate, souple, a bit astringent and a long finish. But overall, we are not big fans of this wine, imported from Empordà, in the Catalonia region, northeast of Spain.





So then, we are not sure if the pairing was not adequate or if it was just the wine which we did not like, but it tasted a little weird all together. However, the lasagna were delicious and we are glad we can have more this coming week for our lunches !



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