Drinking great Californian wine in a vineyard’s tasting room downtown Santa Barbara

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The past two weeks, I was on a road trip with my family. Yeah ! We went in California and decided to stop by Santa Barbara for two days. And looked for something to drink…

We decided to go to Pali wine bar, which was one vineyard wine bar. As I never heard the concept before, I was pretty excited. Well, just being in Santa Barbara was really exciting actually ! So we picked the wine bar after looking up online. We loved the terrace and the wine was great which made up for the terrible service – sorry, needed to put it out there – as the person behind the bar did not served us the wine in order, did not gave us 3 glass of Chardonnay but one to share for example.

Pali Wine Co. is located in the Valley which we passed by at sunset. Although we did not have time to stop there and try some wine, we were astonished by the beauty of it. So we don’t know about the terroir or the people who made the wine. But for 12 dollars, we can get a really good idea of what kind of wine¬†they are going for.


Our favorite was “Summit”, a Pinot noir – of course – as my whole family was born and raise in the middle of pinot noir’s barrels in Burgundy. Overall, we loved the place and the atmosphere. A must go if you decided to stop by the beautiful city of Santa Barbara !


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