A trip to heaven with Linden Vineyard in Virginia



Last week, we went on a wine adventure in Virginia. Researching online for a destination, I stumbled upon a Washington Post article : Virginia wineries: Our top picks by category. A great list from which I used to plan a trip to Linden Vineyard winery with my cousin visiting from France.

This winery is exactly what you want : a peak in the nature, drinking an excellent wine in a friendly atmosphere. They only allow small parties of six, maximum. The philosophy of the place is exactly what I am looking for: It is not a tourist trap, it is a place for real passionate wine lovers.


27082016-IMG_4837We started with the $27 Cellar Tasting. You try six different wines. As you can see on this image, it was a vertical wine tasting for three wines, which were beautifully chosen to show the breadth of Linden’s production.


The first one was a white Burgundy style “Avenius Chardonnay 2014” which you taste alongside its older cousin, “Avenius Chardonnay 2006”. You can really see how the wine ages.


The second line was a Bordeaux style “Hardscrabble Red” 2012 and 2006. We actually liked the 2012 better as we felt it had more aromas.


The last tasting was a “Late Harvest Vidal” 2009 and 2006 which we drunk with Saint-André cheese from France. It was so good, the cheese was perfectly paired with this sweet wine. 


I loved the idea of tasting how the wine changes. I could see how the wine I might buy will age, the different aromas it can take on, it was very instructive. Greg, our guide in the tasting, was fabulous. We talked about Burgundy, my home region, and the wine in Virginia. 

After the tasting, we went on the patio to drink a Petit Verdot from 2012, which we decided to bring back to DC (30$)  !

Overall, our experience was excellent. I would definitely recommend this place to my friends because it is beautiful and the wine is very good.

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