Our first tasting in Virginia around wine, food truck and yoga

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Stone Tower Winery is a family-owned and -operated winery.



On the first Saturday of every month Stone tower wineries hosts a yoga class for free, though donations are greatly appriciated. We went to go check this out as one of our friends, Jennie Light, is often the instructor for the class, it did not hurt that it was on the grounds of the vineyard. They told us that when it warms up, they will do yoga in the vines.

After the yoga we settled into a bit of wine and a stroll around the vineyard. They have a beautiful setting and some great wines. The area is made for getting your friends together and driving out from DC for an afternoon. They allow you to bring your own food and we saw many groups that did just that, and they brought a lot. You got the feeling that it was not their first rodeo.

Although we did not know we could bring food, we bought some sandwiches from the food truck which is often in front of the winery for lunch. We drank a full bottle of Viognier, a variety which we are really starting to appreciate.

Overall, we loved this place and will definitely go back for a visit. You can reserve a wine tasting and have a tour of the domain.


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